Thursday, 21 April 2011

Introducing Buster Bloodvessel...

Hello all, as promised we are pleased to introduce you to another of our special cousins Buster, he picked up the nickname Buster Bloodvessel when he was a bit of a naughty Pupster but he's a laid back chap now, here is his diary for you:

Buster here..... a first cousin of Louis, and 2nd cousin of Dexter, Darwin and Henry.  I've just come in from an afternoon reclining on the swing seat and decided to introduce myself properly, this is me relaxing!
Buster chilling!
Well it's OK for Dexter to have a fellow playmate with Louis and it's OK for Darwin to have a fellow playmate with Mia, Henry has Scruff & Whizz, but who am I lumbered with??? Two Ragdoll cats AND..................... a tortoise, I ask you!
So whilst the others play fancy games, go training together and go for walks in the woods, what do I do for fun?  I'm left to snatch a cabbage leaf from the mouth of the blooming tortoise (she's called Flo).  To be frank it's not too bad as she's only around for 6 months of the year and sometimes I do even get the odd taste of her melon.  I mean a chap can't leave leftovers in the garden for the blackbirds can he?  By the way, I'd soon see any birds off anyway, that's my job isn't it?
Flo Wardle

Buster's Lettuce Diet
So what about the others?  The Raggies?  Well, Barney (the one with the brown paws) is dopey and dozey and to be honest not too much of a problem.  Just occasionally he likes to get snuggly with me, and that's really not on - two males together - so I have to jump off the sofa when he does that.  The only time Barney caused problems was when he kept weeing in my bed when I had a crate as a puppy - no doubt some feline territorial scent mark - UGH!!  So, on the whole I'll give Barney the thumbs up, but the OTHER ONE - my goodness do I have to keep him in check.
Buster and his feline buddies

He's called Socks, because he has white socks on his front feet (not very original is it, you'd have thought they'd have come up with a more original name like mine eh?) and he's a mischief-maker.  His head is always twizzling round looking for the next escapade.  And worse - he has claws!  And boy once those claws are enmeshed in my beard, I have to fight to get free.  You can imagine what The Beard looks like afterwards....However, there are compensations as I do get to share their toys, including this wonderful cat cube (I think red suits me).
Hey, put those claws away!!!
I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here!!!!
No doubt you'll hear from me again;  I really must tell you about my Powerful Puppyhood sometime!
Thank you Buster for that little look into your life, we look forward to hearing more of your escapades! Dex & Lou x


Hepreece said...

Hi Cousin Buster, tell us about them cats, we have two here as well, mind you they come in handy when they bring the odd snack back from their hunting expeditions! Flo looks interesting and we luurrve your swing seat. Woof soon love Darwin and Mia xx

Amber-Mae said...

Hi Dexter & Louis, nice to meet you both! And thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving me a comment too. Boy, aren't you two such handsome studs! You both are so blessed to be born with such good looks. I bet many ladies ask for your numbers all the time. TEE HEE

Frankie Furter said...

I LOVE that tortoise!!! Where does he go the rest of the year??? Bahamas??? Hawaii???

Grrrrreat post!!!

Miniature Schnauzer said...

Hi Buster,you are are a real cutie. Not sure about the cabbage diet though. I usually find waiting until the humans throw scraps for the birds a good time to go in the garden. Nothing like a bit of fruit scone to get you started in the morning!!


Bessie Mac said...

Great photos and post.

I saw you comment on a post over at "I Still Want More Puppies" and had to come over for a visit since 3 of my 4 dogs are miniature Schnauzers!

Monaco said...

so nice to meet you all!!! Thank you for your lovely comment!

Bustersmum said...

Hi Frankie Furter, Flo the tortoise hibernates for about 3 months of the year and the other 3 months is spent preparing for and emerging from hibernation. At present Flo is having a wonderful time as she basks in the sun, unlike me - I prefer to dive for cover UNDER the swingseat.
Buster x

Schnauzer Days said...

Thanks all for dropping in - great to see you! Amber thank you for saying we're handsome, we like the pretty ladies you know so watch out ;-) xxx

Momo and Pinot said...

Hello Dexter and Louis! It's nice to meet all of your friends.

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. Wow, are you saying the video we just watched is your daily walk?!? You lucky pups!! You have a beautiful walk everyday!

We love your blog... we'll link your blog to ours. Hope it's ok with you.

Momo & Pinot xoxo

Schnauzer Days said...

Hi Momo and Pinot - that's great thank you! We're loving meeting all these new friends from all over the world ... so many dogs, so little time :-) Dex & Lou x

ra husky said...

wooos! hiya new mates! woo are furry photogenic!

RA & Isis

Oskar said...

Hi Dexter,

I have to live with 2 cats too & they are always mean to me! No experience with a tortise though.

Good luck,

The Teacher's Pets said...

Hello Cousin Buster!
It's me, Daisy from The Teacher's Pets and I am so glad you joined our fun blog! My cat brothers and my mom were so happy to meet you that we decided to become your 27th follower! Next week when my mom does her THANKFUL FUR 3 FRIENDS THURSDAY she is going to put you and your 2 schnauzer cousins on her blog post!
I think your tortoise and cat buddies are super cute and we can't wait to read about them!

CindyLu's Muse said...

Ha! I know just what you mean about the perks of getting to share extra toys thanks to the a few furballs here myself. Although, I prefer to just steal all their stuff! BOL Nice to meet you!

Joan said...

Hey There!
Thanks for stopping by our blog! Nice to meet you. We are following you back. All of you are so adorable!! And that turtle is SO cool.
Pug Hugs,
Little Janie Austen Eyre

Rocket Roxie said...

Those pics are FABULOUS!!!
Thanx 4 stopping at our blog by the way LOVE the pics!

Sierra Rose said...

Ah Buster! What a crew you habitate with my friend :) Entertaining I would say! Loved your post, and say hello to Dexter and Louis for us!! :)
Hope to read more tales of tails of your life there!

Sweet hugs,
Sierra Rose

Sonic said...

Thanks for dropping by, guys!

You know, when I was a teeny puppy, everyone thought I was a schnauzer!