Sunday, 17 April 2011

Four Legged Friends

We've had a beautiful sunny day here and have been in and out of the garden all day. I've collected several empty snail shells to deposit around the house and Louis has been helping with the weeding by bringing in some greenery every time he comes in! For the past 10 minutes we've been chasing our human around the lawn who's using a thing called a mower, it leaves behind big clumps of grass that you can roll in, eat, toss up in the air - it's a wonderful game! We both have bright green legs now so have been sent indoors, Louis has just found a nice clean cream throw to rub his feet all over, he'd better hide quick!

Anyway we thought today we would introduce you to our Mini Schnauzer friends as you will no doubt hear tales of them over posts to come, we'll also ask them to write themselves. First here's Buster, who lives in Surrey. He's been a bit of a poorly chap these last few days so we hope he's getting spoiled - you're usually in for extra treats when you've been ill so hope this is the case buddy!

 We'll leave stories of them until they write themselves, Buster has a few tales to tell! Next in line are Darwin & Mia, who come from Lincolnshire, Mia is a year old and is a black and silver Mini, the rest of us are all pepper and salt. Here they are looking cool posing in their garden this weekend:
Darwin & Mia

Again these two will have some tales to tell I am sure as they're both always out and about doing Training or Agility. Finally here are our friends from the West Country, near Weymouth. Henry and Scruff are lucky to live near the seaside, they also live with horses which we're not too sure about but maybe they'll tell us all about them one day. We've also included Whizz, who lives with Henry & Scruff and is an honorary Mini:
Henry & Scruff
 We're not sure how good Whizz is on that surfboard or whether he's just posing because there was a camera about. You never know with these Spaniels, they're a clever lot! 
Right well that's the cast all set for this blog, hope to bring tales of everyone over posts to come.


Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

Wow, Dexter and Louis, sounds like you had a great Sunday. Nice meeting your friends.

Hepreece said...

'Oh no Mia have a look at Whizz on the surfboard, don't let Mum see it or she'll get us one to go with the skateboard, gymball, tent and tunnel and ballpool' love Darwin xx