Friday, 13 April 2012

One Paw Forward, Two Paws back!! Movie Time

Hi all,

That's what our friend said our life is like at the moment and it's true! Just as things look to be settling down the Internet disappears - horror!! Evidently a cable has to be dug up so we have just intermittent connection - grrrrr. I wondered if Louis got a bit carried away with his digging last week!

Anyway as promised here are a few mini movies from our new walk, which the Momsters going to try and post before we get cut off again - hmmmmm - better make sure she paid the bill too - mwha..hha..haaaa!!!!

This was the very start of the walk - as you can see Goody Two Shoes Louis went running back to the Popster when he was called but I went on ahead to explore! If you have your volume up you'd have heard the lovely birdsong on that movie.

This is what I found at the bottom of the track, again if you turn the volume up the sounds of nature are lovely - 

Here is the little clip we promised you of Louis doing his 'Get off my Land' bit - he's like an angry farmer, he just needs a stick to wave ha ha!! Funniest thing is this was not his land it was theirs!!
We're going to finish this and try and publish before we get cut off again- life's never simple is it!! Hope everyone's well, we're looking forward to being able to catch up on all the Blogville news soon!  Dex and Lou xxx

Monday, 2 April 2012

A New Walk!!!

Hi Guys!

Hope everyone's doing well, is everyone looking forward to Easter? Every year we try but never get to share the Easter Eggs, SHE says they're bad for us but not even doggy chocolate ones, I think we're being deprived!

Anyway, the Popster has found a new walk for us, it's not far from the V-E-T (where Louis was last week by the way with a poorly tummy) so we have to hope on the way that we're off for a walk and not in THERE!

Here are a few photo's that he managed to take,

Hey Lou, lets get exploring!!!
Come on, that's a stream down there!
Dexter this is no stream, this is a river, I can see fishes!
Dex I think you'd better move from there quick, and watch the electric fence!
and a great field for a play too - this is a great walk!!!
There are also a couple of little movies to go with this walk which we'll post next time, we have a hilarious one of Louis getting rid of some interlopers, thing was they were on their land not his lol!!!

Have a lovely week all, we'll be round to catch up on all your news, the Mom is working a lot so we're having to put up with blogging every couple of weeks but at least we can keep in touch with everything, Love to all, Dex and Lou xxxx