Friday, 15 April 2011

Conjunctivitis and Drama Queens

Hi all, Dexter here, well, it's my brother Louis's turn to be in the wars. He had really sticky eyes a couple of days ago, I kept licking him to help but also kept getting told off in the process, just can't help some people! Anyway off he went to the vets - I was most put out at this having to stay home with Mum - I wanted to go too! I let her know in no uncertain terms by sulking the whole time they were gone and staring out of the window - that'll show them.

They should be back by now!!!
Louis came back with the most peculiar green eyes and nostrils, evidently the drops used to check the tear ducts are working are bright green and you can see what's working properly. Of course Drama Queen Louis made the most of it and lapped up all the fuss by the humans in green coats, they said he was such an angel and so gentle - huh, they should see him sometimes! Today his eyes are good enough for him to see a tiny piece of chicken which had fallen on the floor which we both dived for - not really sure who got the morsel I was too busy shaking my poor head after colliding with him. He has to have these drops for a week so he'll be milking it for all he's worth, it's also very catching to dogs and humans so they're continually on at me not to lick his face - I was only trying to help! That's it for now, we have to go, our Cousin Buster has also been to the vets so we'll find out what that's all about and report back soon. x

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Magic said...

Hi Dexter & Louis - I really liked to read about your life in the West Country. Hope Louis's eyes are getting better. Love from Magic xx