Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Indian Summers...

Hi all, well having posted that the weather was changing for the worst there has been a complete change this week as we enjoy an Indian Summer. This was what the sky looked like today 
Indian Summer Skies
Actually this was the most cloud we saw, by this afternoon the sky was clear, and it was hot, hot,hot!! So hot we had to have a clip as we were both too hot in our furs but we were brave and put up with it for copious amounts of treats ;-)

Anyway, those friends over here, do enjoy this last blast of summer, whilst those buddies of ours across the seas - we hope you are making the most of the end of summer whatever you're getting up to :-) 

We'll be back to normal blogging very soon, our Momster has a Craft Party at the weekend and we can't get her away from the sewing machine, she's getting in a right panic! Love to all, and see you at Blogland Safety Week! (click to go to Sarge's blog for details)
Still wood walking weather thankfully!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's that time of year again...

Hi Blog Land Buddies! It's Louis here, i thought I'd sneak in here and post to you all while Dexter is busy snoozing. I'm getting a bit concerned as the weather gets cooler and the rain comes more often that it is getting to be (*whispers*) coat time again! Now, Dex has a nice double coat which means that the rain sort of slides off his furs but I was at the back of the queue for coats and mine is soft and velvety. That means I am forced to endure this...
I am not impressed
This was taken last year, I think you can see by my doggy language that I am NOT impressed! I'm sure all the other dogs laugh at me, I know Dexter does...grrrrr. This year I am thinking of starting a campaign, 'Dogs against Doggy Coats!' I'm sure your Peeps will hide this post from you but if you manage to sneak on when they're not looking please leave your support in the comments.

This is a controversial issue but one we must address. Will update as events occur re wearing of said article. Love to all of you and especially my Lady Tessa, Louis xxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How do you sleep?

Hi all, the weather here has definitely taken a turn for the worse which means less time lazing in a sunny garden and more time stretched out on the sofa catching a dog nap. Over the years we have tried many sleeping positions and always come back to our favourites, Louis loves to sleep on his back:
and so to dream.....
Whereas I go for the upside down technique too but love to have my head hanging upside down off the sofa, now that's comfy :-)
So, how do you love to sleep?, we'd love to know. Hope you're all having a great week out there in Blog land, Love Dex and Lou xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Stranger in our midst...

Hi all, First of all we would like to apologise for not posting as often as WE would like, you know who to blame...our PA, don't worry we've had words with her!

As you know it was her birthday last week, we couldn't believe it when she said she was getting a DOG! Turns out his name is Dougal and all he does all day is sit there and keep the door open. Still, he's cheap to keep and she says the best behaved dog she's ever had. Cheek - has he got the character of a Schnauzer though - eh??

He hasn't said much yet...

...and didn't even want a treat after flashy box!!
Well, we'll probably let him stay, he's been no trouble so far anyway.

Finally Louis went to the V-E-T on Monday for his annual booster. There's been no living with him since. Evidently he was nice to the six dogs in the waiting room, sat perfectly for the I-N-J-E-C-T-I-O-N, and the vet said she LOVED him and that he was fabulous, he even got treats!

As things stand I may trade him in for Dougal although he's bound to be naughty soon and fall off his pedestal, or I may have to push him - bwah ha ha, :-) Have a great rest of the week all, Love Dex and Lou xxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

It's her Bithday... and fortunately that means one thing, we are gonna have a houseful of visitors later - yay!!! Two of our favourite nieces will be visiting, this is one of my favourite photo's from when I was a mere pupster and I got mahooosive cuddles from them all the time!

Louis didn't want to be left out so we'll also be seeing our Granny who is also an expert at the doggy cuddles - this is Louis Pupster when he first joined us:
Unfortunately with so many cuddles ahead this means one thing - we have to have a B-A-T-H this morning...yikes, run for the hills!

Still, I suppose we need to smell and look good for OUR public, oh yes I forgot ...Happy Birthday to the Momster :-)
Have a great day everyone, we'll be round to visit soon,  Dex and Lou xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Surprise in the Post!!!

Hi all, well - huge excitement here today. We got back from our walk with the Popster and SHE was sooo excited, a parcel had come to us from Wyatt in America! It was following on from his fabulous County Fair Day where we entered the show and Wyatt was kind enough to give wonderful prizes. We were still wet from our walk and being dried off but SHE couldn't wait, nor could we actually, so excuse our drying towel being on display :-)
I got my head in the box and had a rummage
...then we had a game of trying to get both of our heads in the box!
 and then, when we finally got our goodies out, she made us SIT STILL for a photie-o-graph - can you believe it, anyway we found a fabulous fish toy, some tasty treats AND a personalised blue ribbon!!
Come on...for goodness sake!
Yay - look what I caught!
 Then as a final insult we had to pose with a TREAT in front of us, they were so worth waiting for though, our favourite - liver!!!
Spot the treat!
Thank you so much Wyatt, we loved our surprise!! 
Hope everyone has got over the holiday weekend festivities, we'll be visiting everyone in the next day or so to see how you have all recovered! Dex and Lou xxx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Oh What a Night...

...early September 2011, that's what we all changed the words to of this great song last night at the Pawm!

It was such a great night, we have a few more photo's to share with you, we hope everyone is well this morning, some of the pups may have overdone it on the wally melon goodies and may be spending quite a while in the garden today ;-)

Here are our official Pawm photo's, the laydeeees there all looked so fantastic but none as lovely as ours
Here I am with my Rubie
Louis and his date Sweet Tessa
Well you saw our Limo, well now you can see INSIDE! We had a mini pawty before we even arrived, the mini bar was filled with milky bones and wally melon and some sparkling water and Tessa got the giggles at the bubbles going up her nose.
Tessa kept telling me to sit down Dexter!!
Well the Pawm itself was unbelievable with lights and music and food and everything you can imagine to make a special night. Rubie and I did ourselves proud with our Pawltz but Louis and Tessa cleared the dancefloor doing this Dogtrot!
Tessa Newton John and Louis Travolta!!
So, all in all a night to remember, it was Pawfect, the laydeees have been dropped home on time as warned by their Dads, a hoooooooge thank you to Boondocks for holding the Pawm, we look forward to next years!  Dex and Lou xxx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pawm Night Nerves...

Well the night has finally arrived peeps and we're off shortly to pick up our laydeees, Tessa and Rubie. We are extremely nervous even though we have been practising the Pawltz and the Dogtrot all day, Louis taking the girls part of course! We've just had a good bath and brush up and put on some boys pawfume and we'll soon be ready to go and pick up our girls :-) The limo's waiting so we'll be repawting back as soon as we have more photie-o-graphs for you,

Dex and Lou xxx

Friday, 2 September 2011

Calling Chief of Police Sarge!!

Hi all, getting very excited about all the events coming up but Houston...we have a problem...the Wally melon Class may be in danger!!!!
We need the Chief of Police to sort this out!

Now you may have heard of the Buy a Slurp campaign being run by Crossed Paws to raise money for friends in need. I have submitted my very best tongue photo and am ready and waiting to slurp as we speak ;-)  Frankie has given some easy instructions for paying, only $1 per slurp which is just 62 pence today - bargain!!!
Can you believe it, SHE forgot to send Louis's photo in, well she thought she had but she hadn't, never mind, all the more for me and I am the more handsome of the two of us after all - bwah ha ha!!!

Dex and Lou xxx