Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hello Everybuddy!!

Hi all, the terrible two here, at least that's what SHE keeps calling us, we prefer Dex and Lou!

Boy have we missed you all, we've had a lovely Christmas and New Year although it was a bit odd as the Popster has been in charge of cooking and any household stuffies, while the Momster supervised from the poorly chair!

We don't even have any new photie-o-graphs to show you as she couldn't hold the camera up so we'll post an old one and hope you don't mind, she be back snap happy with the flashy box soon no doubt - oh dear.

Right, we're going to get around as many blogs as we can an hour at a time for the next few days and hopefully catch up on all the news from Blogville. We have heard from our lovely ladies Tessa and Rubie that there is going to be a Valentines Ball - whoop whoop!! 

Glad to be back, Dex and Lou xxxx