Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Booby trapped beds and locked doors!

Morning all, we heard from our friends Darwin and Mia from Lincolnshire yesterday and they had such a funny day we asked them to write all about it here. We are pleased to introduce our first ever Guest Blogger Darwin Pearce, here is his account of yesterday!

This is Darwin here with some news updates from the Lincolnshire cousins.  Last night I had a horrible experience while enjoying my evening snooze.  It has taken me years to find the perfect snoozing spot, I can keep one eye on the village goings on out of the window, I'm high enough to get away from the pesky little sister and it is very comfy - the back of the 'lemsip' chair as my Mum calls it.  I was happily dozy and decided the cushion needed a little more paw work to get it right when - wait for it - the chair ate me!!  I know, I thought my time had come but did my Mum rush to save me, no she made some very strange noises which made water come out of her eyes and THEN she got that little metal thing that clicks and flashes! (photos attached).  Then she released me, all the time I got no help from pesky little sister either.
On Mondays Dad gets up really early to go to a place called Cambridge to do something called Work, we usually go back to bed with Mum for an hour but not this morning.  Mr Toff Cat decided he needed to go outside and he won't use the hole in the door so Mum went to unlock the back door,  this started a strange reaction, she ran around the house shouting 'where are my keys?' I tried to keep up with her, she then sounded really cross and said words about my Dad, tried to speak to him on his mobile (whatever that is) and then said that's it we can't get out, the groomer can't get in (hang on a minute THE GROOMER) she then got her mobile and started pressing keys when we heard the door unlock, Dad got 10 minutes down the road and put his hand in his pocket - so all's well.   Apart from THE GROOMER - hang on that's his car outside got to go and hide. 
Finally I thought you might like this photo of Mia and I having our nap, Mia is the one upside down! Love Darwin x
Thanks Cousin Darwin! We hope you have a much less stressful day today! Dex and Louis x


JD and Max said...

Oh wow, oh wow! Mia and Darwin (FH says we whould always put the girls name first if we know what's good for us, he he he!)

You're another pair of schnauzers AND you're in the UK too?! We're soooooo excited and are gonna sit right here and absorb all of your blog! Thank you so much for visiting us - we are delighted!!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Isaac the wonder schnauzer said...

That tricksey chair. Thanks for the warning. I didn't know cushion fluffing could get the chair to do that and I will exercise more caution in future.
Better luck keeping the groomer out next time. Try to get them to sit in the chair. And say bye byes!

Schnauzer Days said...

Thank you JD, Max and Isaac - it's great making all these new friends - we're imagining the biggest ever Schnauzer Meet one day - now that would be something to write about!!! Dex & Louis xxx

Sam and Pippen said...

Schnauzers! Yeah! Pippen's very excited to see more Schnauzers...

Sam and Pippen

PeeS. In case you are wondering... Pippen's not a REAL schnauzer... he's a SCHNOTTIE! BOL!

Oskar said...

Wow it's great to find more wonderful mini schnauzers out here in Blogville! I'm sorry the couch ate you!

Nubbin wiggles,

Minnie and Mack said...

Well, we aren't schnauzers but we really enjoyed your blog! Thanks for visiting us.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Schnauzer Days said...

Welcome Oskar, Mini and Mack! Mini and Mack we love all dogs, especially ones our size like you two! Dex & Louis x

Bella and Ollie said...

That was a very funny post !
Thanks for visiting our blog.