Sunday, 19 June 2011

We're in the bad books...

Oh dear, the human is not happy with us. This is what happened, you see we always sleep downstairs and very occasionally sleep on their bed as a treat. Last night she was very tired so said we could sleep upstairs as we normally sleep longer then, and she could have a lie in.

Well she didn't allow for Summertime did she, those birds with their dawn chorus woke us up so we thought we ought to let her know there were birds singing to be chased out of the garden. A little gentle nudging didn't work so I got Louis to jump on her head - that worked!
So, we were all up at 5.00 am apart from the man human who may need a jump on the head soon, she was even madder because by 5.30 am this was us and she was wide awake (ish) :

Have a great Sunday everybody, we'll be working on being good today Dex and Lou xxx


Rubie said...

Ohhhh - you guys are naughty!! I always guard my humans by sleeping on their bed - but I learned early to let the female human set the pace ..... let her get up first!

She can't stay mad for long. Give her a few schnauzer snuggles.

Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

sprinkles said...

My boys both sleep with me. If Shiver thinks I've slept in too long, he'll pounce, lick and chew all over me until I get up. I don't like it either so I empathize with your mom.

I have to agree with Rubie, you're mom can't be mad too long!

Dotty said...

Don't let my Alfie know you get to sleep upstairs!! You naughty pair for waking your mum! I think she'll find it hard to be mad with you for long when you look so cute!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The hoomans can be so grouchy sometimes! Gosh, the best part of the day is early morning, right?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Priscilla said...

Share the bed with your mom?! YOu're so lucky!!! I got to stay in my own room downstairs :((
~ Eva

Roo said...

BOL! Yeah the ol' jump on her head tactic. A surefire winner ;) Yeah I don't understand why after we wake them up and then go take a nap that they get miffed? Hard to figure those peeps sometimes ;P Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :D

Waggin at ya,

Sam and Pippen said...

Totally don't see why you guys are in the bad books... we are always up at 5... then we go for a nap after our walkie, just like you two. Seems like your mom needs to get with the program!

Sam and Pippen

Magic said...

Yes - 5.30 a.m. summertime is just about our regular getting up time. I don't know why humans can't just nap through the day like we do instead of wanting to lie-in :-)Love from Magic x

♥I am Holly♥ said...

You guys are lucky!! The cats go upstairs with mom and I sleep downstairs!! I'm going to have to talk to her about this!! Lots of love, Holly

Frankie Furter said...

WHAT???? Your mom didn't appreciate the BIRD ALERT???? What if they had been CONDORS or something?? You were just trying to keep her safe!!
I love the Jump on the Head thingy!! Now... go get your dad!!

Oskar said...

I woke my people up good and early this morning too. I was rewarded by being told that I stunk & I was bathed! Not cool.

Nubbin wiggles,

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Of course our job be to bonk and pounce to wake the hoomans up but nowhere in the dog manual duss it say WE has to stay up. The hoomans need to read the manual again.

scotsmad said...

What is it with humans? Why can't they get a job done and then just go back to snoozin'.

We don't get it!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think our crew waking us up so early is getting back at us for leaving them during the day or not leaving them with the remote so they can watch TV while we're gone! :-)

I hope you've had an enjoyable day!!

Tessa the Maltese said...

OMD Mom is laughing so hard right now! The SAME exact thing happened this morning to me and Mom! Really, and at 5am too! I just wanted my breakie early and when Mom got up and made it she looked and couldn't find me and she looked on the bed and there I was, sound asleep! BOL

Maybe if you tell your Mom she will laugh too!

woo, Tessa

Suka said...

hey Dexter and Louis,

Funny pups! Do you think your mom will ever let you sleep on her bed again? :->

My human sympathizes with your mom. I sleep outside so I remedy the situation by making sure to howl in front of her bedroom window usually about 3 a.m., because then I can blame the deer or coyotes running through the yard for my needing to be vocal. By the time she makes it outside to quiet me down, I am back in my spot sleeping (or, pretending to be sleeping). :-> Or, I just look at her as if I understand to be quiet and then wait until she is back in her room, light out, to start up again. That will really get her upset, though! BOL!

Keep up the good work, pups!


Bailey Be Good! said...

OOOOH, I'm very careful not to wake mommy until her loud noisy thing goes off... after that time, anything goes!

Woofs & hugs,


George the Lad said...

LOL!! I'm sure you won't be in the dog house that long, with them two cute faces, I'm in mom and dads room but locked in my bedroom, I love it, moms nearly been late to work because I don't want to come out when she opens the door!!!
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

ra husky said...

Oh dear that is awfully early mates bol! Well it's good for those humans says I harrooo wooowooo!


ps thanks so much for the well wishes! pleased to report I am doing just fine ~ Play bows,

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo need to disregard THAT part of the day!

Days shouldn't start fur us until maybe 9 - my mom gets up by 530 most days BUT she's weird!


JD and Max said...

Hiya Dex and Lou! We've just seen your comment about not being able to see Mr Pip's dunking - we're sorry about that. We checked the coding and it SHOULD only take you back to the Crossed Paws site if you cancel the transaction - but we all know how tempremental technology can be. We really want you to see the photo as it's a real giggle so please e-mail us at 'justdogandmaxATgmailDOTcom' and we'll send you the links!

Thanks for pawticipating!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max

Mack said...

Dang birds. Always chirping about something!
Hope you two were able to take a nice loooong nap!

Isaac the wonder schnauzer said...

What a great idea Dex and Lou! So nice of you to share with your human when you heard those birds.
They scold us for sneaking up on the birds, they scold us for warning them the birds are there and we want to chase them. What's a schnauzer to do?
No wonder you were exhausted after that Dawn chorus wake up call. You deserved a schnauzer snooze after that!

Sagira said...

Ruh roh...hope you're not in the bad books for to long.