Sunday, 18 March 2012

Schnauzers versus Poodle Video!

Hi all, hope you've all had a cracking weekend and a great St Patricks day those who were celebrating.We thought you might like to see this little movie of the Poodle we keep meeting - Louis looks more like a poodle with his curly coat but he'll keep that on until it warms up! There's no sound as it was so windy, and not Louis's wind bol!!!! We'll have to add a music track at some point, any ideas for a song choice? Anyway here's the clip, that's me (Dexter) doing the initial greeting and Louis charging in to see him off - I did consider going off with him and his peeps for a walk but found some grass I hadn't left pee mail on! love to all, Dex and Lou xxx

Edited to add out huuuuuuuge Congratulations to Magic who is now a Magic Mum to 4 lovely Pupsters - soooo excited for her and her peeps. xxxxx

Friday, 9 March 2012

Back to the Fields at last!!

Hi all,

We finally sat the Momster down and said 'get on with it', we need our blog doing, she said she doesn't know where the time goes and she can't believe it's 10 days since she last PA'd for us!

Anyway we are such happy chappies this week, it must be summer on the way - we're back to field walking - yay!! We've been walking in the woods as the fields have been very very muddy - we don't mind - what's the problem?!!

We've missed you fields!!
Hey quick Louis.....I spot an intruder on OUR land!!!
Come on..keep up Louis, we need to sort this out!!!
Quick Louis, it's a game of Poodle Chase - but he's chasing ME (Dexter)!!!!!
No worries Big Bro - I'll soon see him off for you!!!
There you are Dex, he's gone but he's coming back for another game tomorrow!!!
Oh Rats!! - that Poodle does love to chase me - better make sure I bring Louis then :-) PS Do you like my comb-over?
Hee hee, hope you enjoyed our little tale, the poodle was actually quite a nice chap so we've decided to let him back on our land to play with us - but I really must have a quiet bark with him about this chase business - doesn't he know it's US that do the chasing!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!  Dex and Lou xxx