Thursday, 24 November 2011

Birds and Happy Thanksgiving

Morning all.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Blogville friends across the pond. We hope you all have a fabulous day, eat lots of turkey which your humans will have spent hours preparing for you and have fun!! We can't wait to see all the photo's of your Special Day.

Well we hope we're not too late to pawticipate in Sarge's 'Give us the Bird' event. We have to post a photo of a bird - any bird - and we thought of this one straight away. This is one from back in the summer when the days were long, the hours of sun stretched on, the walks were long .... ahhhhh ..... ooops sorry going off there!

Anyway this is our contribution, we've named him Captain Beaky! He probably has another name but we liked that one, he's about 4 feet tall too! He's a Rhea who lives at a farm shop not too far away, they sell their eggs their and they are Ginormous!!
Captain Beaky

Am I handsome or what???
Hope you like him!

Have a wonderful day everyone and a great holiday 'over there' - we wish we could come and join in the fun. Tho Old Dear here said to make sure you know she is reading all of your blogs even if she can't reply to all because of her shoulder - blimey we might have to think about a younger model for a PA, this one's fast falling apart ;-)
Dex and Lou xxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goodbye to free at The Bridge

Hello all,

A bit of a sad day today as we heard some sad news. This is a goodbye post to one of our blogging buddies, Kaska who was Magic's older brother. He was so well loved by Leigh and Judith as well as all the other dogs. We just want them to know we are thinking of them and know you will all want to send them big doggy hugs at this time, it never gets any easier to say goodbye, but hopefully it will be a tiny little comfort knowing that we're all thinking of you and Kaska and his wonderful life.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge Kaska little fella. 

Kaska with his Dog of Courage Awards from DBARC in recognition of his struggle with disability after his spinal cord trauma.

Kaska on an outing the day before he died.
If you would like to leave a message here for Leigh and Judith I know they will read it, Love Di, Dex and Lou xxxx

(PS we were planning to post on Sarge's Bird Event today but think this is best posted on its own so we'll be doing that on Friday)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Happy Birthday Dexter!!

Morning all, Louis here for a change! I came on to wish my Big Bro a Very Happy Barkday, he's SIX today, blimey that's ooooold, 42 in hooman years so he may be out buying a Harley soon ;-)

Anyway much excitement here as he had a Hairmail letter, that will be expalined :-) It was ALL THE WAY from Australia, from his bestest girl Rubie Lou.

Birthday Boy investigating...sniff...sniff
Yay - my girl remembered!
Guess what Rubie put a little lock of her fur inside for him so he had a really good sniff! Dexter said thank you so much, he will treasure his card and his lock of fur!

Dex has a very restricted Diet after having such a bad bout of pancreatitis last year so no birthday treats but he's having his favourite White Fish poached for his tea, and as an extra present a mega long walk, extra furtling time is the best pressie he could have, and I get to go too - bonus!

The Momster asked me to add a note that she's still waiting for her shoulder surgery so finds the typing hard going sometimes but she's doing her best to keep up with everyone for us when she can!

Love Louis and Birthday Boy Dexter xxx

Edited to add a not from Dex

hey guess what - here is a lovely photo of my special girl when she wrote the card to me, what a stunner eh?!!
Rubie Lou
She even wrote about me on her blog today - I am such a lucky boy xxx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Last Years Snow, Winter Days and Stuff...

Hi Peeps, what a difference a couple of weeks makes! From glorious sunshine we are now feeling the chill as Winter is upon us. We know there has been a lot of early snow across the pond, and some of our friends have blogged about it. We've been warned of snow this year so for once we will be prepared!

What we need, and don't laugh, are some snow boots. Thing is last year we had days with NO WALKS because as soon as we got outside this happened:

Last Years Snow Feet...
The snow collected like great big snowballs on our paws and leg furnishings and were really heavy to lift, turning to ice and really painful to try and get off. The Peeps don't really like the idea of Booty Boys but are investigating possibilities. If anyone has experience we'd be grateful for recommendations.

Now folks don't forget it's only a week or so now to get your details in for the fabulous Blogville Card Exchange! If you have particular buddies you'd like to send a card to this Christmas, get your name on the list and you'll be sent addresses to get sending! We are collecting non US details and only have a few so far :-( Thank you to those who have sent in already!

Click on the photo for full details
Also can everyone wish Blogvillians Magic & Co good luck at The Northern Schnauzer Club of GB show this weekend!

Finally we are glad to report that the second night of Fireworks saw Louis a lot calmer. The Body wrap definitely helped, he still wasn't a happy pup but didn't spend the night shaking so we'll be continuing with that this Christmas/New Year when the fireworks are about.
Enjoy the rest of the week all, we'll be round to visit you all today and read what you've been up to, Love Dex and Lou xxx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Louis and the Fireworks

Hi all,

Well, Bonfire Night is here and it looks like it's going to be a long one. The fireworks started about 5.30 pm and are still going 4 hours later. Some of our friends in the USA asked what Bonfire Night was, well in a nutshell in 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up The Houses of Parliament, at the time the public lit bonfires in celebration of the 'Gunpowder Plot's failure and burned effigies of Guy Fawkes. Our Momster remembers being a child in the 1960's and going around town with a Guy Fawkes made of her Dad's old clothes stuffed with newspaper to ask for 'penny for the guy'!

Anyway, tonight Louis has been a little better. It was recommended he wear a tight coat as this makes him feel more secure and also SHE put the body wrap on him that she ordered this week. He stood like this without moving for ages, just his back legs shaking. Usually I am making fun of Louis but I did feel sorry for him.

I'm looking on a bit bemused by all the fuss over poor Louis
Eventually she had to pick him up, he was like a wooded dog with his legs stiff as a board, and she put him in his travel crate which is dark and cosy but he can see out through the netting. This was after one loud bang which saw him nearly strangle himself when he shot round behind the PC and got the wire tangled around his neck! Anyway so far so good, he is in his den and is eating the odd biscuit that is passed through to him, so he's not as stressed as he was. We're thinking the celebrations will probably go on until about midnight as there are a lot of private parties so meanwhile they've turned the TV up loud and we're settled in for a long night.

As for me, I've been down the garden, checked out what all the fuss is about, the peeps think I may be deaf but I just think I'm brave ;-)

Thinking of all the other poor dogs suffering out there tonight, it will soon be tomorrow thankfully!

Dex and Lou xxx

Friday, 4 November 2011

You just can't get the Staff...

Hello Friends! 

Well, we are thinking of advertising for a new PA - this one is on a Final Warning! Not only has she failed to write up our adventure on Halloween but she has fallen out with the photo thingy on the computer and is using a lot of bad words, she needs the photo's to go with the story evidently.

We can only apologise and promise that our adventures will be coming soon, as soon as she makes friends with Photoshop again ;-)

Meanwhile you might like to see our new Bandana's - she made us some to slip on our collars, I'm modelling it - we've got a Christmassy star one now too!

Bandana Boy Dex
It's Bonfire Night here on Saturday which is the night the Peeps dread most each year. I'm not bothered with the fireworks but they drive Louis crazy, and he gets the trembles terribly. The Momster has bought him a body wrap to see if it helps, we'll let you know how that goes. My Uncle Ian reckons I don't have a problem with Fireworks because I was born in November and was a young Pupster all through the Firework season November - January. Any one else find this? That was also a little hint that it's my birthday on the 17th ;-)

Have a great weekend all and Keep Safe this Firework Night! Dex and Lou xxx