Friday, 29 July 2011

Final Summer Photgraphs from around the World!

Well, unbelievably it is the last week of entries to our Summer Photographs from around the World! We have had some amazing entries, we will post ALL of them during next week, we are hoping to get all three Judges together this week to sit down and pick out their favourite 3! These will then be put on here next week for all you guys to vote on. It will be an impossible task to pick 3 we're sure as there are just so many fab photo's, the most fun has been seeing everyone having Summer fun and we hope you've enjoyed it too! Here are this weeks beauties, click on the photo if you'd like to see a bigger version:
What a line up!...Aoife, Kaska, Caoimhe, Magic and Alfie Crybbe In Sunny Yorkshire, UK
Holly, what a pretty  'Modelle' she is, posing here in Roanoke, W.Virginia USA
Another from Holly, being a little more inquisitive this time - getting very friendly with that horsey!
Bert in Utah, USA, what a stunning boy with that Regal pose.
Alfie, another cheeky Schnauzer stopping for a breather, from Stockport, UK
Tweedles, as if you need an intro - chasing bubbles in the sunshine, another pal from Oregon USA
Glamorous Monaco - sunning herself at Lago de Garda in Italy, even the name sounds glamorous!
Tessa (Louis's secret girlfriend hee hee) keeping guard at The Bearfest in Oregon, USA
Lorenza, the best dressed Daschound in Mexico, or even the world!!?
It gets very very hot in Mexico, Lorenza really needs this pool - what fun!
Roxie, Dyno and Bella cooling off in hot, hot Texas USA
Lovely Sugar in Chicago, USA - what a fantastic shot, don't look up Sugar!! :-)
Ben, looking like a cool dude on a sunny day in beautiful Northern Ireland.

There you go, what a line up again! If by chance we have missed posting any one's photograph please let us know using the same email, we didn't realise Yahoo was binning emails and although we rescued what we hope was everything, and then changed the settings, we would hate to think someone had sent one in that got lost.

Just to mention again that some Blog Land pals had more than one gorgeous summer photo so they sent in 2 or 3 but only one will be judged. Sooooooo excited about this now, don't forget we'll do a complete gallery this week and then the final 3 to follow.

If anyone still wants to send a photo in, then we can add to this post today and tomorrow if you get your skates on :-)  Woofs and Licks, Dex and Lou xxx

Monday, 25 July 2011

Grooming Day today!

Hi all, hope you all had a fabulous weekend. It's Louis here, I thought I'd hijack the blog for a change as that big brother Dex usually get's to do all the barking around here. 

Today was grooming day and as usual she had the flashy box out. SHE says I am the best dog ever to groom as I stand still like a statue and don't budge - the only reason I don't budge is that I want to keep my important pieces intact!!  Anyway, not only did she take a before and after but she got a little 2 minute video of me playing statues so here they are:

Before - personally I quite like the Beatnik look!
Well, I think I deserved a medal for that - the whole grooming including SCISSORS took well over an hour and I got maybe 4 biscuits throughout - NOT enough, I'm holding out for more next time, this is me after, as you can see I'm right fed up now and just want to get down and roll about! 
After.....Do you think I'll get a girlfriend now?

So, that was my day, we did have a great run in the woods afterwards and I managed to scare off two German Shepherd dogs by barking at them so this new haircut must give me a certain air?

Our Mom is not yet forgiven for continual flashy box use so as Frankie has suggested we're going to post a silly photo of her on Wednesday to get her back.

Don't forget to send your Summer photo's in by Thursday if you haven't already. We have some wonderful entries from all around the world, if you have a second one you want to send that's fine, just make sure you let us know which one you want in the competition - we'll publish them all though.

Love and Licks, Louis xxx 

Friday, 22 July 2011

Summer Photo's Friday!!

Hi Friends! We can't believe it's Friday again, however it's great because that means another lot of Summers around the World photographs - yay! Next Friday will be the last week so if you haven't already get your peeps to get that Flashy box out and get snapping, we want to see you :-) Here are this weeks beauties, again, some folks have sent in a  couple of photo's which is fine, we'll just forward one to be judged but enjoy looking at them all, just click on the photo if you'd like to see a larger version:

Those expert River Furtlers Daisy, Kendra and Bella down under in sunny Australia
Fly in beautiful Northern Ireland checking out the territory
yay! another Schnauzer Parker in New Hampshire, USA
Ahoy there Sailors!! Parker again with Skye afloat in New Hampshire USA
Our hero Mr Pip, on tomato guard duty in Chicago USA - BEWARE of the Pip!
Another Pip! This time helping with the baling on the farm in Norther Ireland
Our new friend Tilley, aka Worm! ...from Bristol, UK having a cool down at the beach.
Wonderful Winnie from Burton on Trent UK - Wimbledon, English Cream Tea and a snooze...
Oskar in Michigan USA showing us the true art of Summer chillin' out with the Peep.
William in Cincinnati, Ohio - now that's a face with character, and swimming a pool length - wowser!
Everybody's friends, smiling in the sunshine it's the fabulous Dyno, Roxie and Bella in Texas.
Finn, it's hot work checking out the local beach park on a sunny day in New York
Ciara has found the best place to stay cool on a hot day! - on top of the AC in Kansas USA!
 Well, what do you think of those. FABULOUS aren't they? We're so enjoying seeing all the photo's and hope you are too. We have employed two extra judges as well as the grand judge, our Gran. They are our Uncle who is a professional dog trainer and our Auntie who is a dog groomer, they will choose their top 3 photo's for you all to vote on at the beginning of August.

Thanks again for sending the pics in, it's so much appreciated, we'll be posting the final entries next Friday. If anyone has sent one that's not been published please let us know as the email puts things into the junk file sometimes and they disappear off into cyber space somewhere!

Have a great weekend, Love Dex and Lou xxx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Guest Blogger Henry

Hi all, Dexter here, hope you all had a great weekend. Our friend and cousin Henry who you've met before told us a funny story at the weekend so we invited him along as a guest blogger to tell you all about it, here he is:

Henry here, this is what happened. I went in the boot room and found this empty bag. We almost never have anything but JWB but mum was in the wrong shop to get it so bought this instead to keep us going. She only made a small hole to empty it into our food bucket. I managed to walk down the hall to the kitchen and mum heard me bump into the door. This was all she could see apart from my stumpy wagging when I heard her.
She was very mean as she left me for a minute to get the camera and this is the result. It won't stop me looking for little treats though as later in the evening I tried to get the lid off the food bucket!!
Love and woofs to all my mates and new Blog Land friends
Henry xxx

Hee hee, that is sooo funny Henry, we like your style! Apologies for not visiting as many blogs as we should, the human is still struggling a bit after her op, but we'll be round to say hi properly very soon, bye for now Dex and Lou xxxxx   Thanks Henry x

Friday, 15 July 2011

More Pet Summer Holiday Photo's

Hi all, it's Friday so that means more Pet Summer Holiday Photo's. So exciting...we still have another Friday to post next week so it's not too late to get your photo's in. We know what Peeps are like leaving things until the last minute - ours does it ALL the time! Anyway here are this weeks entries and they are FAB-U-LOUS again.
Wanna play ball with Jack in Northern Ireland?
Roo out on Special Operations in Florida! (competition entry)
A cool looking Roo chilling out in sunny Florida USA
In training for the 2012 Olympics Doggy Paddle! - Wyatt in Oregon USA
Sing - a- long with Skye in New Hampshire USA!
Hat's the way to do it Bowie in Singapore.
Model girl Sheila in Northern Ireland
The back packing expert Shawnee in New Jersey USA
How great are those photo's?! You may notice there are two of Roo as they were both so good we included two, but only one will go in the competition, so, please feel free to send more if you have some great shots!

A final mention about our humans friend Lou who came round for Schnauzer cuddles today. She lost her best friend in the world Meg, a beautiful dog who went to the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly a few weeks ago, and Lou misses her like mad. We know it is a horrible time for her that only time will help so big hugs to her.

Have a great weekend friends in Blog land, we hope you like the photo's as much as we do and look forward to the third lot next Friday - yay!  Click button below for details of where to send your photo's. Love Dex and Lou xxx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Monday, 11 July 2011

SHE went out without us!

Hi all, hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was okay except that on Saturday SHE, that is the Momster went out without US, can you believe it?

Well, she came back and said she'd found a lovely place where we could go next time as there were walks around there and lots of animals for us to look at. We agreed to share her photo's of it with everyone as long as she promises to take us next time - this is OUR blog after all and we don't really approve of her hijacking it. It looks a cool place though we must admit, it is a big farm Shop and Tea Room about half an hour from here, these are the photo's of the animals she took which she thought you'd like:
There was al ovely pond with ducks and geese mooching about
The geese were very frendly, they were after some food we think, they're never friendly to us!
There were Llama's there muching on the grass - what hot coats they have!
...then there were some Shetland ponies, this one was a thirsty boy
This chap was a bit camera shy
These next few photo's are so funny! They are birds called Rhea's, those in America may be more familiar with them but we've never seen them before. They are similar to the Ostrich, they had eggs on sale in the Farm Shop that took two hands to hold - that would be some omelette!
Like Ostriches they were very inquisitive...
Smile for Blogland!
He's nearly as good looking as me!
They look such characters don't they? Anyway to add insult to injury SHE then had tea at the tea room, they don't seem to be missing us very much do they?
I hope they're talking about us - we SHOULD have been there after all
So, that was Saturday and her trip out, we loved the photo's, especially the funny Rheas! Have a good weekend everyone and keep the Summer photo's coming everyone, Dex and Lou xxx