Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Happy Barkday Louis!!!

Yay, Louis is a mahoosive 5 years old!! It seems like only yesterday that our relatively peaceful household was invaded by Master Louis, he came from a place called Shaftesbury and the Humans went to collect him early one morning and left me with our Granny. This was the first photo when they bought him home:

Louis meeting Granny and me sniffing out the new guy!
First day here and not too sure yet!
However he soon found the best place to sleep!
All grown up!
It's great fun having a little bro' - I can't imagine life without him here now, who else I am going to get up to mischief with!!

Happy Barkday Louis Lou!!!!

We'll be back next week with more tips on training your humans. We must apologise for our Momster if she hasn't visited everyone yet, we're trying to work through and she can do about 10 at a time now - big improvement for the old dear!!  Dex and Lou xxxx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Training Your Human Part 1

Morning all,

Dex and Louis here. Now, as there are so many new Pupsters joining Blogville thought it was about time we imparted some of our wealth of knowledge we have gained in training our humans. We may eventually write a book as we think there could be a call for this :-) Humans can be quite hard to train, the trick is to get them to think that they're doing the training but really it's the other way round.

Lesson 1.
How to get a treat.

Have a little mooch around the house and find something that you're not allowed to have, but that is easily and comfortably carried. Pick it up and wander slowly into the vicinity of your human, now sit and stare at them until you get their attention.
A glove is perfect for this
When you human sees you they will probably say something like 'No' - Louis thought that was his name for a year! As they come towards you to take the glove, run away quickly and do a few tours of the room - this part of the training is good exercise for the humans so you're actually doing them a favour. If you can't find anything else, try and get the lid off the recycle bin and hunt out an easily carried food box.
A box from the recycling is perfect
an empty toilet paper roll comfortable and easy to carry
Now, the idea is to let the human have the item back before they start to get annoyed. Just stop running around, they will think they've made you stop. They will say something like 'leave it' and try to take the item from you, resist for a short while - this all adds to the triumph they will feel when you do eventually leave go.

Voila - you have been such a good dog by obeying the 'leave' command they have to give you a treat!!! When you are very experienced in this exercise you can actually immediately go and do the same again with something else, useful when you're a bit peckish.


Occasionally the urge to chew will be too much, so try not to pick anything too tempting for this training exercise. Louis is still at the phase where he gives in to the chew - I'm still training Louis ;-) 
Sometimes the urge to chew takes over!
So, we'll leave you to practise that exercise. remember to choose something easily carried and also practise the 'I deserve a treat now' look required for the end of the exercise.

Practise your 'I deserve a treat now look'
We hope you enjoyed this lesson, we'll be adding more training guides over the next few months so watch this space!

We're nearly back to normal blogging. The Momsters shoulder is much better but she's still at physio every week. We'll be round to visit you all over the next couple of days, have a great weekend!! Dex and Lou xxx

Edited to add a note: Have you heard the massive news over on Magic's blog - go and check her announcement, if you're not following her already you'll want to now :-)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Picture paints a Thousand Words!

A Wet Saturday Afternoon in February :-(
The Momster said the alternative caption is "okay we know we need a haircut but it IS winter"
Can you think of one? Hope you've all had a great weekend! Off round to visit you all now and see what you've been up to.

Dex and Lou xxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What a Valentines Meal!!

Following on from earlier, we've had the most pawsome slap up dinner with Rubie and Tessa!! As you can see from this photo we had turkey with all the trimmings - Dexter as you can see is quite intent on the turkey but there was plenty to go round - even doggy bags to take home!

A night to remember!
We think the laydeeees had a good time, we've got the night to dance away now too so hoping for some good paw tapping music. We've put in a few requests to the pawty DJ already:

Me and You and a Dog name Lou - 
Rubie Don't Take your Love to Town -
Angel Eyes (must be written about Tessa)
Leader of the Pack (this ones for Dex!)

Hope you've all had a wonderful day, thank you to Rubie and Tessa for sharing it with us and having such great fun!

Dex and Lou xxx

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi all, well what excitment in the kennel here as we prepare for the arrival of our dates for Valentines day. Rubie and Tessa are trotting over here as we speak ;-)

Dexter had a lovely surprise from Rubie, this is what she sent him - all the way from Australia!

How cool is this??
Louis not wanting to be left out has had a special delivery from his Tessa too - he may be busy for a while!!
Tessa knows Louis's weakness!
Anyway we can hear someone or some 'thing' coming so we'd better go and meet our laydeeeees :-) We sent some special transport to fetch them, this horse owes us a favour as we let him graze in 'our' fields!

Lovely Rubie
Sweet Tessa
We'll be back later with reports of our dinner date and dancing, hope you're all having a lovely day - can't wait to read what you're all up to!  Dex and Lou xxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Good Bath and Bad Bath!

Morning all,

We've had a good week here with lots of frosty sunny days, hope you've all had a good week.

Our highlight of the week was a trip into Bath which is about 5 miles away - the Momster had an appointment there so we dropped her off and went to Victoria Park which is right in the City for a walk with the Mister. We had a great time and met lots of dogs to play with - unfortunately he forgot the flashy box!! This is a photo from our last visit there just so you can see where we went.

The Royal Crescent in Bath
 Well, this large area in front of The Royal Crescent was more like a Dog Park last week, we met the most feisty little Chihuahua you've ever seen, what fun we had chasing round in circles with him - boy was he quick!
Anyway, now the bad bit. Every walk we have in the winter means one of two things when we get home - shower or bath...grrrrrr. After our walk in Bath it was bath time - oh the humiliation of the baby bath....still I suppose it's worth it. There had better be treats after this!
Dexter is not amused!!!
Busy couple of days ahead. We have to arrange our Valentines Dates with our laydeees, Ruby and Tessa who have accepted our invitation - what lucky pups we are! Watch this space....exciting!!

Finally, look what we found on the Internet, we think it's from some TV programme but it's Dexter's new motto! Now to find one for Louis who is most put out!

Have a great Sunday everyone, speak to you all soon, Dex and Lou xxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Where's our Snow??!!

Morning all,

Well it seems that most of the UK has had lots of snow over the weekend, we had a light coating and then it was gone! We love running around in it - we don't like the snow boots quite so much, our legs end up very heavy by the time we get home from a snow walk. Anyway we thought we post some pictures of last years snow and try and remember the fun!
Off we go down the road to the fields!
Yippee - now for some snow rolling!!
This is fun!!!
Hope you liked those! Looks like we may have to wait for next year for our next dose of snow fun - meanwhile all our buddies who have it today - enjoy!!! 

Before we go, can we tell you about our good friend Magic's competition. They have a great competition on their blog to win tickets to Crufts in March. Anyone can enter if you just follow the adventures of this great gang so why not get on over and get your entry in! Here's the link http://lifeinthedoghouse.blogspot.com/

Have a great day everyone, stay warm!